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It’s Okay to Start Over

Source | LinkedIn | Tim Denning | Viral Blogger | Leader | Sales Professional – Inspiring The World Through Personal Development & Entrepreneurship.

When you become stuck in life, one strategy that you have at your disposal is to start over again with a blank canvas. You can hit the reset button and pursue a goal or dream that you’ve never tried before.

“A 4 year degree attained after 7 years is still a degree. A graduation at 50 is still a graduation. A business started at 65 is still a business.”

“You are never too old to have a new dream… It’s okay to start over. Don’t let people confine you with their timelines of success” — Brigette Hyacinth

What can stop us from starting over is becoming obsessed with timelines. Other people impart their view of when we must start something by or when it’s too late to start over. The truth is it’s never too late.

I didn’t start a career in technology until I was in my 30’s. The relationship I had with myself was toxic for 2/3’s of my life. The status of my health was worse in my 20’s than it is in my 30’s.

Who says you can’t start again?

You say that — to yourself. That forced commitment to keep doing something that you know is broken comes from a few places:

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