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‘It’s time for a paradigm shift in HR practices’

Neurodiversity is a term that many in the corporate world are becoming familiar with

Source | | John Hilton

Developing Emotional Intelligence (EI) leads to significant improvements in personal and interpersonal capabilities, according to a study based on 324 employees from a UK public sector organisation.

The research demonstrates how a self-development program led to improvements in EI for a group of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) employees containing a high representation of neurodivergent individuals.

These findings are explored in a paper, Championing Neurodiversity and Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace, a partnership between PSI’s Talent Management team and ERC’s mental health specialists.

However, at the end of the program, participants completed the EI assessment again. The group showed:

  • Significant improvement in all aspects of EI, with an average improvement of 12%.
  • A significant increase across 7 scores most notably Self Regard (+21%), the primary aspect of EI that underpins all other scales, and Reflective Learning (+18%).
  • Scores higher than the comparison group in 3 areas – Regard for Others (+10%), Authenticity (+10%) and Trust (+6%).
  • Scores the same as the comparison group in 7 areas, and below the comparison group in just 6 areas.
  • An improvement of 13% in both feelings scales (Self Awareness and Awareness of Others).

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