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I’ve helped hundreds of people land 6-figure salaries. These 5 job interview phrases got them hired ‘on the spot’

By | Natalie Fisher |

Nailing a job interview isn’t just about listing skills and experience directly from your resume. You want to paint a picture of your accomplishments through concrete, detailed examples.

To do that successfully, you must know how to communicate effectively. As a career coach who has helped hundreds of people land six-figure jobs, I’ve found that there are certain words that will get the interviewer to pay attention.

Here are five job interview phrases that will make companies want to hire you on the spot:

1. “In the past, I’ve been noticed for getting teams to do [X thing], thanks to my [Y skill].”

You’re showing that your skill level is so high, the people you work with also benefit from it.


Don’t say: “I’m an excellent communicator.”

What to say instead: “In the past, I’ve been noticed for getting team members to communicate more efficiently. I set up a messaging system between our customer service teams and software engineers to fix website issues quicker.”

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