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Jeff Bezos Adds 2 Leadership Principles Before Retiring As Amazon’s CEO

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Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos, will step down from his role on July 5 to become the executive chairman of Amazon’s board. He will focus more on new products and early initiatives because he explained, “I’m an inventor. It’s what I enjoy the most and what I do best.”

In his last shareholder’s meeting as Amazon’s CEO, he said that he chose that date because it was when the company was incorporated back in 1994. Andy Jassy, the head of Amazon’s cloud-computing division, will be the new CEO.

Before leaving, the company communicated two new leadership principles. Since the early days, Amazon has committed to various principles: “Our Leadership Principles describe how Amazon does business, how leaders lead, and how we keep the customer at the center of our decisions.”

In his final letter to shareholders, Jeff Bezos laid out a broad vision for the company’s future, committing to extend Amazon’s famous obsession over its customers to the same level of care for its employees.

He also said, “If you read some of the news reports, you might think we have no care for employees. In those reports, our employees are sometimes accused of being desperate souls and treated like robots. That’s not accurate. They’re sophisticated and thoughtful people who have options for where to work. When we survey fulfillment center employees, 94% say they would recommend Amazon to a friend as a place to work.”

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