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Jeff Bezos hired this Amazon applicant ‘on the spot’—here are the 2 interview questions he asked

By | Ann Hiatt |

People always want to know how I got Jeff Bezos to take a chance and hire me to work directly for him at Amazon in 2002.

Initially, I hadn’t thought about applying to Amazon. When I was growing up in Redmond, Washington, most of my friends’ parents were tech executives, and while they made good money, their lives didn’t look particularly fun to me. But many of my classmates were graduating without job offers, so I felt as if I should explore all options.

I submitted my resume to Amazon without much thought. To my surprise, I was called in for a first-round interview for a junior assistant role. I had no connections at the company, no computer science degree, and absolutely no experience working for a CEO.

My job interview experience at Amazon

My initial interviews at Amazon were dizzying in volume and pace. I had back-to-back interviews with all of the senior assistants, some of them lasting all day.

One interview took place in a dark office with just the glow of a code-filled monitor and a weird multicolored rotating nightlight in the corner. But I had known enough tech people in my life and was used to the awkward settings. I just chalked up the encounter to one of those personalities uniquely suited for the tech world and was unfazed by it.

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