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Jia Jiang: “Why Rejection is Awesome”

Source | Youtube : Talks at Google

Why Rejection is Awesome: Master the art of rejection to desensitize your greatest fears

All of us can identify with the fear of rejection.
Why is rejection feared? What does it mean? Why are we so afraid of rejection?
Come listen to Jia Jiang who has mastered the art of rejection, and who lives day in and day out trying to get rejected as much as possible.

We will learn:
– Master your own fear of rejection and how to make it your advantage
– Customer Service: How to Turn Rejections Into Opportunities
– You Can Say ‘NO’ and Make Me a Fan — what my 100 crazy requests taught me about great customer service
– Sales and Life: Why Rejection Is Your Best Friend

We will have an announcement following about the week of Rejection G+ contest – how you can encourage Googlers to take risks / rejection.

About Jia

Based on Jia’s life story, entrepreneurial journey and 100 Days of Rejection Therapy, Jia has spoken to numerous organizations and thousands of people on different topics. Jia’s life goal is to build a world without the fear of rejection. Speaking to live audiences will be a big part of achieving this goal. He is currently authoring his book about the Fear of Rejection that will be out in spring 2014.

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