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Your Job Might Be Obsolete by 2030

Source |Linkedin .com  |  BY:Geoff Hugses , President at Geoff Hugses 


new report by the McKinsey Global Institute has a stern warning for the global workforce, as many as 375 million workers will need to switch careers by 2030 due to automation. 

This is bad news for those who have physical jobs or those who work in predictable environments such as operating machinery or preparing fast food. But it’s not just these types of jobs that are threatened, degree and diploma careers are also threatened. 

Data collection and processing is threatened which includes mortgage brokers, paralegals, accounts and back-office processing. Bad news for anyone who went to school for these professions and a waste of money too as they will now need to find new jobs.

Soon, workers will need to embrace retraining in different fields and some will have to start from scratch, a scary prospect for anyone with a family or reaching retirement. 

The study is a clear indication the current model where people go to school for the first 20 years of life and then work for the next 40 to 50 years is broken. Learning and training need to happen throughout your life and traditional education isn’t a guarantee that you will end up with a job.


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