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Job-seekers – What NOT to do when Recruiter calls you!

Source | LinkedIn : By Umashankar Akharia

Many times, I hear job-seekers sharing their feeling that they get many calls from recruitment consultants/Recruiters but very few get converted into interview letters. They feel confused about what actually went wrong as the company & role was something where they could have really excelled.

Let me share 5 points which might be helpful to the job-seekers –

1. Never say you don’t have time to talk now – If you are really searching the job then heaven’s sake, after picking up the call & hearing that it’s for job – never ever say that I am busy! If you were really busy then you should not have picked up the call. If it’s impossible then you better tell recruiter that after certain time (say 30 minutes), you will call them back. And yes please, call them back as per your promise.

Recruiter’s perspective – Any candidate after hearing that call was for job & not interested in talking, indicates low interest in job search. Instead of trying again, recruiters tend to move on to next candidate/prospect. Mind you, alone has database of 41 million (4.1 crore) candidates.

2. Explain about your role/project in current company – Often this open-ended question is to gauge your communication skills. So please frame your sentences properly to showcase your communication skills. Don’t be casual about these types of open-ended questions as topmost reason for candidate’s profile rejection is communication skills.

Recruiter’s perspective – Candidates who are unable to explain their role/project will not be able to communicate anything in front of hiring managers. Instead of getting bad feedback from hiring managers better to avoid the risk.

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