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Job titles and job descriptions are no longer an attraction

Source | LinkedIn : By Vartika Kashyap

Employees at work in the traditional workplace were completely blinded by their job titles like “Manager”, “Assistant” and descriptions like “Junior”, “Senior” etc.,. This created some big problems as the responsibilities were divided accordingly that made their growth limited and it was all about growing egos and politics.

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But now the reports have been appearing that Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos – the world’s happiest shoe store, ordered his company to abolish job titles and descriptions and condemned its own organizational hierarchy. He started a new system of self-governance, called Holacracy. Basically, Holacracy made its debut from, “Ghost in the Machine”, a phrase introduces in Ryle’s books, The Concept of Mind. The phrase highlights an analysis of the human brain exhibiting the relation between mind and body as they were from the same category.

For many companies have dropped the concept of job titles and no longer consider it a major part of their tasks to review everybody’s job titles and descriptions. Brands are switching to new ways of defining accountabilities and getting work done.

Though job descriptions are a great opportunity for employee engagement and they can have a knowledge of what their duties will be, but it is also worth thinking that these job titles limit them to explore their potential in areas beyond their job titles.

There are unlimited things to learn at workplace and to grow your skills and stay competitive in the job market you have to explore these things worth learning. Job titles limit an employee’s ability to stretch themselves.

And, this is the reason that job titles are becoming outdated in modern workplaces, which is resulting in a huge increase in productivity. There are many reasons that reflect the productivity and innovation of employees is being destroyed, let’s see what are those reasons:

Inefficiency in decision making

Before taking an action and a decision for the team, it is important to conduct meetings to discuss things. During the meetings the decision is made in the presence of all job titles taking into account everyone’s opinions. At the time of important decisions, if everyone is not present it would create inefficiency in making decisions as no decision can be taken in the absence of any important job title .

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