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Josh Bersin Presents on HR Tech in 2022

By | Roy Maurer |

In the HR space, technology is growing at an astounding rate and becoming more complex as it moves toward better integration of work and life. And vendors are proliferating—over 21,000 exist in the space, including many high-value, high-growth firms reporting billion-dollar valuations.

“The HR tech market is characterized by confusion and growth,” said HR industry analyst and thought leader Josh Bersin, speaking March 1 at the Spring HR Technology Conference & Exposition.

“The context is that we’re in the strangest and most challenging workplace environment we’ve known in a long time, coming out of the pandemic,” added Bersin, founder of the Josh Bersin Academy for professional development in HR. “Digital transformation is reinventing every industry toward becoming something it didn’t know it needed to be. Organizations are discovering they need new talent practices and new skills and job roles. Vendors are being tasked with designing systems that go beyond traditional HR and fit into the flow of work and life—systems that are proactive, intelligent, nudge-based, AI [artificial intelligence]-enabled, easy to use and compelling to use.”

Employee Experience

Increased focus on how the employee experience is designed is still the prevailing trend in HR technology, Bersin said.

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