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Josh Luber: “Data, Analytics & Sneakers” | Talks at Google


Josh Luber, co-founder and CEO of StockX – the world’s first “stock market of things” – discusses how they connect buyers and sellers using the same method as the world’s stock markets – an anonymous, transparent and authentic ‘bid/ask’ market. This approach is completely disrupting the secondary market for sneaker sales, a $6 billion global industry.

Before StockX, Josh founded Campless, which evolved into StockX, while working as an IBM consultant. Josh, with StockX and Campless, has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, London Financial Times, ESPN and The Daily Show, among others. He delivered the world’s first TED Talk about the resell sneaker industry. Josh has collected sneakers for over 30 years.

Moderated by Jason Andreas.


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  1. Surely this only works if the items of a given type are of identical quality. No point selling cars if some have a few dings, others have 100,000 miles on the clock. If the variation in quality is quantized then it can work as you can sell them as different 'models', but products tend to age in a continuous rather than a quantized way.

    It looks like this is being billed as a resale marketplace, but all the items need to be brand new to be comparable so surely it makes much more sense for retail than resale.

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