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The Journey of the Modern Leader

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I’ve always been intrigued by the notion of leadership—how leaders motivate teams, why some people pop to the top while others are content to follow the path. As I’ve grown and evolved in my own personal and professional leadership, the pieces have definitely come together a bit more, creating a better vision in my mind—the kind of leader I respond to, the kind of leader I want to be and, above all, the importance of coaching in an employee-centric environment. An environment like Adobe.

It’s a concept that I’ve been drawn to for quite awhile and one that, increasingly, has taken center stage within the company. We’re all about that people-first approach—an approach that, for me, has helped drive my own personal growth as an individual contributor, a manager and, now, a leader. I’m inspired by curiosity—the fact that successful coaching hinges on open-ended questions and a genuine desire to understand a situation. I’m inspired by the creativity and resourcefulness of the coaching process—empowering my team to problem solve and troubleshoot, versus the traditional ask-answer-ask-answer model that used to dominate the workforce.

From DOER to Empowering the Doer

I’m also fascinated by the transition from being a doer—the person who rolls up their sleeves and digs in—to empowering that doer to do their best and be their best. It’s nuanced, but it’s also enormous. Done right it fuels everyone’s success—the leader, the contributor, the team—and, I believe, has the power to change an organization and change the world. Done wrong, though? It’s basically micromanagement 101—not ideal for anyone.

It’s why I’m so enthusiastic about Leadership Circles and coaching —the value, to me, is limitless. And—total transparency—right now, I’m in the thick of it. Over the last few weeks I focused my curiosities and passion into unpacking these questions and other sky-high notions of leadership in the 21st century—because, recently, I started Adobe’s Leadership Circles program.

It’s a unique program that, already, has produced significant results in the marketplace. Partner companies have seen sales increases up 75 percent, with “accelerated performance” placing participating leaders in “the top five percent of their organizations.” The stats are, without a doubt, impressive.

But taking a step back and looking at today’s fast-evolving business landscape, the need for true leadership and the modernization of that leadership—the approaches, the strategies, the goals and the players—has become mission critical. And that’s why I jumped—that’s why I wanted to pursue a path towards modern leadership, performance and coaching.


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