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Journey of HR from Disruption to Change Catalyst- Corona is Behind

By | Ratika G | Vice President- Head Human Resource – India, Australia & APAC at Sapiens

Maintain the Charismatic Approach- Lead the Leaders

HR has made leaps and bounds from its humble roots, became far more strategic, and now transforming into Change engines for the organizations big and small.

 2019, HR leaders were all about disruption, talking about what to do next -they wanted to Reinvent and reimagine the employee practices for the stronger future. Then came 2020. Now, all are saying, ‘Please, no more disruption’.

HR faced challenges at the outbreak of Covid 19, Plunging into the unknown crisis, not being certain about how to cope with uncertainty and without any precedents to fall back upon. Many HR and Business Leaders, suddenly seemed to have Cold feet – unable to move and unable to think of options. There was no chance of relying on past case studies or corporate guru’s experience, as no current situation is ever exactly like a past situation. Dealing with COVID-19 crisis, therefore, called for a fresh approach, devoid of precedents. All BCPs were planned at the fall of the hat.

In the wake of COVID-19, HR took a strategic role of becoming the guiding torch and enlighten C-suite. More than ever before, organizational leaders relied on the People function to help navigate mass-scale shifts to remote work, manage hiring freezes and furloughs, engage employees around the company mission AND again the cycle begins for Hiring, engaging and motivating as Corona will be behind soon.

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