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Just 10% of CEOs and 13% of managers are in the highest tier of moral leadership which affects the overall Performance of organizations!

By | Nicolas BEHBAHANI | Global People Analytics Leader @ Future of Work | Leading Global HR Analytics, Driving Business Growth

💡 The influence of Moral Leadership extends beyond team dynamics to affect overall organizational performance !

👉 Executives are much more likely than junior employees to report experiencing consistent moral leadership from their managers.

♨️ Moral leadership or the lack of it impacts everything, from the levels of trust within teams, to employee loyalty, to the bottom line.

🚀 Moral leadership when it is present, it inspires elevated behavior in people, shapes values-based organizational cultures, strengthens performance, nurtures meaningful relationships within teams, and builds stronger links to society and communities

💥Moral leadership and especially the quality of moral leadership demonstrated by CEOs is a key driver of enhanced organizational performance, according to a new interesting research published by The HOW Institute for Society using data from a survey from a broad cross-section of 2,500 US based employees in October 2023.

✅What is Moral Leadership?

The Moral Leadership Framework

Researchers found that serving as a moral leader necessitates embracing a framework that rests on four fundamental pillars:

1️⃣ Let Purpose Lead,

2️⃣ Inspire and Elevate Others,

3️⃣ Be Animated by Values, and

4️⃣Build Moral Muscle.

These behaviors fall under seven central moral leadership practices, shown below.

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