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Your Favorite Leadership Articles of the Year

Every year, we count down the best leadership articles of the year, according to your reading and sharing. Thanks so much for being a part of our human-centered leadership development community and for all you do to encourage courage!

We would love to hear from you in the comments. Which leadership article resonated most with you and why? What leadership topics are of most interest to you in the coming year?

Top 3 Let’s Grow Leaders Articles of 2022

1. How to Say No at Work: Powerful Phrases to Stand Your Ground

How to Say No at Work

Our number one most-read article in 2022 is on how (and when) to say no at work. And with the ever-growing demand placed on leaders and managers, it’s no surprise that being more strategic with your “No” piqued interest. 

If you missed this article, it’s never too late to use these 5 steps to feel more confident in what you’re saying no to and why.

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