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Karma’s Cupcake – LISTEN, a model to serve your customers

Source | LinkedIn Parna Bhattacharyya | Manager – Learning and Talent Global Business Services at ABB and Writer

Karma was a young man with bright eyes and a happy smile. He sold cupcakes in the small market close to his small house. The cakes were wonderful, but he realized that he was unable to attract the customers. Every night he carried the unsold cakes to the nearby orphanage and distributed the unsold cakes. One day the owner of the orphanage asked him:

–         Karma, do you know the kids love your cakes.

–         I am so happy to know that sir.

–         I know that you are trying to set up your business, but the market is cruel. Only the quality of the cakes will not take you far. You will have to brand them too.

Karma took a small loan from the bank and set up a small packaging machine to brand his cakes.

To his wonder, he observed that the business improved. But not that much. His situation did not improve as the EMI of the loan was high, and he was unable to meet the expenses.

A few of his friends asked him to cut the butter quality.

–         Replace butter with oil. Why spend so much?

–         You should start charging like the cakes they sell in the cake parlor.

But Karma did not compromise with the quality of the product.

One day an old man walked up to Karma and threw a packet of Karma’s cupcake on his face.

–         The cupcake inside the packet is broken. How can you sell such things?

There were many people around and they looked at Karma. The old man was abusive and was nasty too. But Karma smiled at him and apologized. He did not resist in any way.

He was patient and listened to the old man.

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