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Keep An Open Mind

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Open your eyes to the world around you. You just may learn something. It will make your decisions better, your relationships stronger, and it will transform you into a more enlightened person. Being open-minded doesn’t require a major investment of your time but rather, a fresh new way of thinking. It requires you to be a sponge — obtaining information from various sources, seeking input from people of diverse backgrounds and viewpoints, and evaluating that input based on its merits rather than on whether it conforms to your way of thinking. Do you have an open mind?

Open your eyes. Being open-minded helps you to:

Expand your horizons. Challenge your thinking by embracing differing viewpoints rather than limiting debate to like-minded people.

Enhance your decision making. Evaluate your options from every angle rather than being predisposed to one way of looking at things.

Expand your relationships. Promote teamwork by being respectful of others’ differences rather than being judgmental and intolerant.

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