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Keep Your Energy Up During a Long Work Day

By | Dawn Castell

Everyone is familiar with that midday slump. When it hits, it can be hard to overcome, and many people combat it with temporary fixes like coffee or energy drinks that will leave you feeling worse later on. Instead, make intentional efforts during your day to prevent the midday slump and keep your energy up during your workday.

Start Your Day Off Right

Although there has been some controversy about whether breakfast is truly the most important meal of the day, there’s no denying that eating the right breakfast can give you long-lasting energy for your workday.

Whether you prefer a sweet or savory breakfast, fueling your body in the right way can impact your mood, boost energy levels and help keep you focused.

However, for many people who work, finding time to prepare a nutritious and filling breakfast just isn’t feasible. Whether you have a longer commute, kids you need to get to school or simply just hit snooze one too many times, finding an on-the-go breakfast can help to get you through a long work day.

For quick, easy breakfasts that are still filling, try fruit or a protein bar paired with a health supplement such as Activated You Morning Complete. If you’re looking for a make-ahead breakfast, try a simple overnight oats recipe or cook up some egg cups to grab and reheat in the morning.

Other on-the-go breakfasts include chia pudding, granola cups or parfaits with layers of fresh fruit, granola and yogurt.

To make sure you’re eating a filling breakfast, try to get a good mix of healthy fats, protein and complex carbohydrates to give you long-lasting energy.

Stay Engaged

Staying engaged in what you’re doing during the day will help increase your focus and keep energy levels up by stimulating your brain.

There are many ways to keep yourself engaged in what you’re doing. If you work in an office, consider listening to a radio station you like or find a podcast that interests you to listen to when you’re starting to feel bored and sluggish.

Not only will it help keep your attention, but music may also help you increase your productivity at work.

Staying engaged also means knowing when you’re feeling burnt out and focusing on another task instead. Staying on the same task, especially if it’s an especially tedious task, can deplete your energy and make you tired.

Not only will switching tasks help you stay engaged in what you’re doing but will also ensure you’re doing your best work with each task. Switching tasks when you’re feeling stumped can help you come back to that task with a rested mind and new ideas.

Take Breaks

Giving yourself breaks throughout the day is key to remaining focused and energized and help your body reset.

There are many different mental and physical ways you can take a break. Even a simple walk around your office or building can help clear your mind and get your heart rate up a little more, increasing energy.

Practicing mindfulness is another way you can take a break, and you can do it right from your desk or office. To practice mindful breathing, relax your body in a comfortable position and take note of your body, getting in tune with your breathing. Take notice of any thoughts that may enter your mind in a non judgemental way, but focus on your breathing only.

You can practice mindfulness throughout your day to be more in tune with your body, decrease stress and stay focused.

Taking breaks will help clear your mind and boost your energy to get you through the day by preventing feeling burnt out or overwhelmed. Breaks should be a regular part of your workday, even if they only last for a few minutes.

Preserving your energy is important, especially when you work long hours. Taking steps to boost energy throughout the day will make you a better employee and will help you feel better overall.

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