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<p>Tinu Thomas, Assistant Manager - Talent Acquisition, SunTec Business Solutions</p>
Tinu Thomas, Assistant Manager – Talent Acquisition, SunTec Business Solutions

The Indian hiring landscape in 2024 is experiencing a remarkable surge, with a 19% increase in overall hiring intent compared to the previous year, signalling a pivotal moment in the country’s job market. This growth is significantly driven by advancements in artificial intelligence and data analytics, which are revolutionizing the skilling ecosystem and shaping the future of work. To capitalize on these opportunities and stay competitive in the fast-evolving recruitment arena, it’s essential for businesses and top executives from global companies to refine their recruitment strategies.Emphasizing Speed, Quality, and Diversity as cornerstone elements of these strategies is becoming increasingly critical. By fostering a synergy between talent acquisition and functional teams, businesses can enhance the quality of their candidate pool. This integration not only aligns with the latest industry trends but also empowers organizations to navigate daily recruitment challenges more effectively, ultimately leading to superior hiring outcomes.

Collaborative Hiring is a key strategy that Talent Acquisition (TA) specialists can implement to enhance their recruiting efforts.

Collaborative hiring is a team-based recruitment method that involves colleagues from different parts of the business involved in the screening, interviewing, and decision-making phases….

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