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Key Responsibilities and Competencies of HR Professionals

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The role of the HR professional is constantly evolving, but without core competencies and skills, HR managers could dramatically hurt your business.

There are several key skills and competencies for HR professionals to be aware of today. For any business to be successful, it’s essential that HR managers understand and master any HR core competencies they need to properly perform their job functions.

In fact, according to Evren Esen, the survey program manager at SHRM, “We can actually see the profession changing. Some core areas remain the same, but others, based on how the raters assess and perceive HR, are new.”

Skills and Competencies of HR Professionals

Let’s take a look at some key HR skills and competencies your human resource managers should possess to be able to effectively perform their job functions and ensure the success of your business.

Communication Skills

It should be no surprise that an effective HR professional needs to possess excellent communication skills. Having proper communication skills is one of the biggest key competencies of HR professionals because their job mainly consists of facilitating discussion between employees and employers. Without proper communication skills, HR professionals would not be able to effectively relay information between the two parties, causing the business to suffer. Having effective communication skills is such an important human resources competency that, Dave Ulrich, a professor of business administration at the University of Michigan, states, “You’ve got to be good at all of them, but, no question, is key.”

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Critical Thinking

Another major key competency your HR managers should possess is critical thinking skills. HR professionals spend a lot of their time balancing complex situations and without being able to think critically, your HR managers would not be able to properly create an environment where all employees feel comfortable and are motivated to improve the business. In fact, according to Bloomberg, critical thinking is in the “sweet spot” of rare skills that companies want most but are less common to find.

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