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Key Ways To Make Your Business More Transparent

By | Jeremy Zielie

Growing a business is complex. Sometimes, however, finding success can be as simple as taking steps to be more transparent. With the rising influence of online reviews and social media, the level of transparency a brand demonstratestoday is critical. To help, here are a few ways to improve transparency with your employees and customers.

Starting with the relationships in the company, there are several ways to enhance internal transparency. First, lead by example. As a manager or higher-up, it’s essential to keep your door open to employees and show you value their input. In turn, these integral team members could become more forthright with you and one another.

It’s also necessary to do more to encourage the sharing of ideas and opinions. Often, employees don’t feel comfortable enough to speak up. When this happens, constructive insight may be left unsaid and an improvement wasted. Going forward, you should prioritizeopenness among team members as it can improve efficiency and even boost productivity.

With customers, being more transparent comes down to improving communication. It’s highly recommended to increase response speeds to emails, social media messages andnegative reviewsand to be honest in those replies. For instance, when asked for an update, be straightforward with accurate shipping and delivery times using GPS tracking. Keeping communication open like this lets the customer know you value their business.

Another method to enrich the communication between the brand and its audience is to own up to any mistakes. While it may seem safer to hide negatives about the company, customers often appreciate the honesty and see it as a reason to trust. Also, be sure to show appreciation for such customers and all others to further strengthen your connection.

Looking for additional pointers? Check out the accompanying resource for more ways to promote transparency in your business.


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