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Kids Who Become Exceptional Leaders Have Parents Who Teach Them 8 Things, According to Science

Source | LinkedIn : By Jeff Haden

It seems like all the extremely successful people I know — and just about all the great leaders I know — are exceptionally good at persuading other people to follow them.

(Maybe that’s why Mark Cuban says knowing how to sell is the one skill everyone needs to be successful.)

But being persuasive doesn’t mean you have to manipulate or pressure other people. At its best, persuasion is the ability to effectively describe the benefits and logic of an idea to gain agreement — and that means we all need to be more persuasive.

And that’s why the art of persuasion is critical in any business or career — and why successful people are extremely good at persuading others.

How can you reach your kids to become effective leaders?

1. Teach them to start with small “wins.”

Research shows that gaining agreement has an enduring effect, even if only over the short term.

So teach your kids to focus not on jumping right to the end of their arguments but to start with statements or premises they know their audience will agree with. Build a foundation for further agreement.

Remember, a body in motion tends to remain in motion, and that also applies to a head nodding in agreement.

2. Teach them not to be afraid to take strong stands.

You would assume data and reasoning always win the day, right? Nope. Research shows humans prefer cockiness to expertise. We naturally assume confidence equates with skill.

Even the most skeptical people tend to be at least partly persuaded by a confident speaker. In fact, we prefer advice from a confident source, even to the point that we will forgive a poor track record.

So teach your kids to be bold. Teach them to stop saying “I think” or “I believe.” Teach them to stop adding qualifiers to their speech. Tell them, “If you think something will work, just say it will work. If you believe something will work, just say it will work.”

Teach your kids to stand behind their opinions — even if they are just opinions — and to let their enthusiasm show. People will naturally gravitate to their side.

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