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Do You Know? 6 Jobs That Will Become Extinct In Future!

By Anna Marsh

With the advancement in technology, the job will likely become extinct for some workers. In the present time, entrepreneursprefer technology-driven methods over human because of accuracy and cost efficiency.

Therefore, it’s an alarm bell for people who are engaged in occupations that are easily managed with technology tools in the coming future. In this article, we will share jobs that will become extinct in coming years. Here is a list of six jobs that will become extinct in a decade.

  1. Delivery & Taxi Drivers

According to a recent survey report, the delivery system of all items would be carried out by drones and driverless cars in the nearby future. Currently, scientists are testing drones for outdoors purposes. From research, it is also anticipated that driverless cars will replace taxi drivers. This is because authorities’ believes that driverless cars are safer and cheaper options.

So if you’re engaged in any of the aforementioned jobs, then you should look for a new working opportunity in a different field to secure your career.

  1. On Campus Teachers

Due to the rapid advancement in the education system, a great proportion of teachers can become extinct in the next few years. This is because the demand for online learning is increasing day by day which is declining the demand for teachers.

By setting up an online class, only one teacher can teach thousands of teachers that are present in the different parts of the world. So in the future, chances will be high that there might be fewer teachers and professors but more students, courses and learning opportunities.

  1. Travel Agents

Nowadays there are numerous traveling assistance sites active over the internet. These sites allow users to make their trip easy by managing everything from their smartphone and laptop.

In addition, people can get an amazing discount and deals by booking their trip online because of the high competition. As users can easily search cheap flights for their desired destination, they don’t need to pay commission to a travel agent. And this is why travel agents will no longer be needed in the near future.

  1. Air Traffic Controllers & Pilots

The advancement in technology will probably bring a great change in the airspace industry. We all know that pilotless drones have already become a part of the global aircraft fleet.

Additionally, autopilot feature is already installed in every Aircraft. This is why the demand for traditional pilots is expected to be fall significantly in the coming years. From a report, it is also acknowledged that pilotless helicopters are already in use by the air force.

  1. Office Accountants

Another popular job that will be extinct in the near future is accountants. It is anticipated that accounting jobs will be extinct by the next decade. In the present time internet is full of accounting software that is used by many small business.

Online applications, such as QuickBooks and Peachtree are best for recording daily transactions in an easy and secure way. This is why the demand of accountants is falling day to day in the corporate world.

  1. Language Translators

Undoubtedly the extreme use of tech tools has declined the demand for language translators. Now anyone can use popular translator tools like Google translator to understand multi languages. Technologists are developing powerful apps that help users to translate different languages accurately.

Generally, a translator can translate two to three languages perfectly but tech tools can instantly translate over hundred languages instantly. Surely, these benefits of online tools decline the demand for language translators and increase the use of advanced technologies.

In the end, it could be stated now that the information shared in this article is best for people who want to stay updated with the changes of the corporate world due to the advancement of technology.

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Anna Marsh is the writer of this post.She is a regular Blog Writerand Social Media Marketer. Her write-ups address the business world, corporatelife, and career trends. She is an active reader of educational Assignment helpbooks. She loves playing soccer, golf, and baseball. You can find him on Google Plus, Twitter, and Facebook.

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