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KPI for Business Manager – Effective Business Presentation

By | Prabodh Sirur | In search of Postitive Intranets at In search of Positive Intranets

Dear Business Managers, 53 of us deliberated on the topic of how best we could position you as a Role Model business presenter and came up with this KPI for you. The reason for each of us to invest part of our lives for this task is – to see you at the top, in Zig Ziglar’s words. Hope you will make the best use of our efforts and grow, succeed and become an inspirational leader. This template is unique in the sense that we have attempted to integrate Organisation’s Values and Organisational Competencies in the KPI. This will help you to think how you demonstrate your organisation’s Values when you work on this KPI and reflect how you enhance your competencies when achieving this KPI. This document defines three rituals for you to achieve the best results as a Business Presenter. Follow them in letter and spirit, please. And share your success story with us.

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