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Kuhu the Cuckoo – Talent within

Source | LinkedIn | Parna Bhattacharyya | Manager – Learning and Talent Global Business Services at ABB and Writer

Binni stays in the small but beautiful house at the end of the village from where the dense wood starts.

She loves the cute garden that her parents maintain in front of the house but fears the woods.

At night when everybody sleeps, she heard the wolves cry. But Bholu their hound is not scared.

Bholu is a huge dog and very ferocious to look at but he is docile and very calm. He loves Binni a lot and follows her everywhere.

The summer has set in. One afternoon the norwesters came. The dark clouds filled the sky slowly until it became totally dark. Then it started raining with thunders and lightning.

Little Binni looked out of the window terrified. But within an hour the rain stopped, and the sky became clear. Binni and Bholu scampered out of the house to play in the puddles created in the garden.

Suddenly Bholu barked looking at something that lay under the mango tree.

When Binni took a closer look, she found it to be a baby crow!

“Poor little bird. You can come with me” – said Binni.

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