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Laszlo Bock on the future of HR & his new venture

Source | LinkedIn : By David Green

Along with the likes of Josh Bersin, Adam Grant and John Boudreau, Laszlo Bock is one of the leading global authorities on the future of the HR function and the critical role that people analytics and data science has in driving this forward. When Bock speaks, the world listens.

The clamour for Bock’s thoughts has intensified since he announced in 2016 that he was leaving his role as SVP, People Operations (CHRO) at Google. What will he do next? Will he unveil some of the mystique about Google’s fabled approach to people? What does he believe the future of work and HR will be?

Some of these questions are addressed in a fascinating interview Bock gave to Steve Bates of SHRM in February 2017 (read full article).


Bock cites people analytics as the next stage in the evolution of HR and groups companies into two types when it comes to applying an analytical approach, which I’ve classified ‘Believers’ and ‘Doubters’:

The Believers

Or ‘fast followers’ as Bock describes them: those companies that will be inspired to ‘really dig into analytical questions’ such as ‘Is performance management really working? Is compensation really fair?’ ‘We think our people are the best – how do we really know they’re the best and how do we make them better?’ Bock suggests that some organisations are going to implement people analytics ‘very, very quickly and they’ll be successful’.

“Some organisations are going to do that (people analytics) very, very quickly. And they’ll be successful”

The Doubters

On the flip side of the coin, Bock believes that many companies will fail to see the opportunity offering excuses such as ‘Oh I can’t do that, it’s too hard; my manager doesn’t support it; the company doesn’t want to do it; we don’t have the head count; it’s too risky.’ I share Bock’s fears that a lot of companies will be left behind.

The opportunity to bring insight to the HR profession has never been bigger – the knowledge to do it and the systems to support it both exist. As Bock says ‘there’s not a better time to be in it (HR) if you care about change and improvement’.

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