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Latest Version of LinkedIn Recruiter Enhanced by GenAI | Roy Maurer

NEW YORK CITY — It was inevitable that the astonishing advances we’ve seen in generative AI this year would be applied to LinkedIn Recruiter—one of the primary tools used by talent acquisition professionals to find talent.

LinkedIn Recruiter 2024, powered by a combination of generative pre-trained transformers (GPT) and proprietary artificial intelligence models, uses AI-assisted conversational search to more quickly and precisely surface candidates, streamline the sourcing workflow, and automate scheduled follow-up communications.

Hiring is being reimagined with the power of AI, said Hari Srinivasan, head of product at LinkedIn Talent Solutions. “This is one of the most exciting updates we’ve done,” he said. “With the rise of generative AI, we have an incredible opportunity to change how talent leaders find qualified candidates so they can focus on connecting and building relationships with those candidates. The new product will allow recruiters to communicate in a more natural way and optimize their searches at the same time.”

Recruiter 2024 is being rolled out to select users starting Oct. 3 and will be available for all LinkedIn Recruiter customers throughout next year. There is no cost increase for the upgrade.

AI-Assisted Conversational Search

The most striking change for recruiters will be the improved intake and search function.

“Recruiters have told us that one of their biggest pain points is the intake phase, when recruiters and hiring managers describe the…

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