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Launch of the book – “Making of a Level 5 Design Thinker”​

By | Shankar Thayumanavan | Managing Partner, Design Thinking & Innovation Coach, Author of “Making of a Level 5 Design Thinker”

Dear Design Thinking practitioners,

Happy to announce the launch of the much awaited book – “Making of a Level 5 Design Thinker” !!

The book synthesizes insights from 40 Design Thinking practitioners, across 12 countries making it useful and usable as a ready reference for Design Thinking practitioners both in the industry and academia

Below is the Foreword by Dr Sridhar Balasubramanian – IIT, IIM and Yale PhD in Marketing rated among the top 50 Business professors in the world

The concept of Design Thinking, in some form, has been practiced since the late 1950s. However, the practice of Design Thinking has grown rapidly over the past two decades due in large part to the pioneering efforts of Silicon Valley-based innovation think tank IDEO and its founder David Kelley. Today, Design Thinking is applied across countries, industries, and problem areas. The principles of Design Thinking, when creatively and thoughtfully applied, can inspire the design of almost anything, ranging from a new eating utensil to a new social policy.

Buy the copy of the book @ amazon

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