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Layoffs & Employee Rights including IT/ITES Employees : Senior Lawyer Balan Haridas

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Speech by senior lawyer Balan Haridas at meeting organized by New Democratic Labour Front – IT Employees Wing on 10-01-2015 in Chennai. In this speech Mr. Balan explains the salient points of Industrial Dispute Act and other laws related to rights of workmen including IT/ITES employees.

  1. How does ID Act look at individual grievances and collective grievances?
  2. The importance of Trade Union under this act.
  3. The role of trade unions in proper development of an industry.
  4. What role does the Shops and Establishments Act play?
  5. Will joining a Trade Union lead to job loss?
  6. Will an agreement signed with the company take away my legal rights?
  7. What does the law say about layoffs, terminations and retrenchments?
  8. Can we approach the court to stop mass layoffs by a company?
  9. When can an employee’s services be terminated? Under what conditions?
  10. What about the rights of managers?
  11. Can we fight for regulating working hours and other work conditions inside the company? How?
  12. Can a company blacklist an employee?
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