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Layoffs: Over 1 Lakh employees lost jobs in last month, Jan 2023

By | Sheenu Pradhan |

Layoffs are a tough decision for any company. However, there have been various companies that have been announcing layoffs.

According to, so far in 2023, there have been 379 layoffs at tech companies with 113,082 people impacted (3,231 people per day).

However, In 2022, there were 1,535 layoffs at tech companies, and 241,176 people were impacted. The actual reason behind the layoffs in the tech companies was overhiring during the first two years of COVID-19. It was followed by global macroeconomic conditions.

As per earlier data, more than 1,600 tech employees are being laid off per day on average in 2023 globally including in India, and the sacking episodes have gained speed amid the global economic meltdown and recession fears.

The basic list of layoffs is as follows:-

  • GoMechanic fires nearly 70% of the workforce due to Reported Incorrect Financial Data.
  • Microsoft announced to layoffs of 11,000 employees worldwide due to the global economic slowdown.
  • Unacademy will let go of around 40 people.

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