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Leader and Manager

Source | LinkedIn : By Ajay Arora

A google search on the heading yields 3.1 billion results in 0.67 seconds. Few are my observations around the same.

In my recent past have come across various instances where organization hires manager when they need a leader. Unfortunately, most of the “management” institutes in the country is churning out managers in quantity and every aspirant that you talk to want to rise to level of Project Management, Program Management and so on. What are the assumptions that an organization makes while putting an individual in this role

  1. Assuming that a good manager will be a good leader.
  2. Implicit expectation of leadership whereas job description says manager

What is the fundamental difference between Leaders and Manager.

Management is a natural career progression where an one achieves the position by virtue of one’s experience and skills gained over a period of time. The individual commands a position where he can systematically plan to achieve a project goals. It is tactical and goal oriented. Focus in on goal achievement. A tough task master can be a good manager.

Leader on the other hand has to define the success and goals at first place. Achievement comes later. The closer these goals are to the customers and business parameters, the better it is for the organization. A quality that I have admired seeing few great leaders in action is their connection to the people. Hardly an organization exists where there is a conflict between organization growth and the team growth. More often than they are interlinked. However, we get into a trap where the team is disengaged and not aligned and does not trust the “manager/leader” . The gap is in connection to the team and to direct their energies in order to achieve the organization goals. This is a gap that you will see great leaders bridge seamlessly. They are trust worthy. This comes to the core fundamental behavior of a leader – They are good humans. Cannot be elaborated more. The last piece is ownership. They take responsibility of their actions and own the team and business. Business orientation, connection to people, ownership and good humans – how does that fit and find a place in a manager JD 🙂

Before we write off managers, experience suggests that a leader needs good managers in order to implement and achieve and be successful. They go hand in hand. It is a TEAM of Leader and Managers in action.

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