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Leader Survival Toolkit to “Level Up” Your Leaders (and Yourself)

Source | LinkedIn : By Phillip Wilson

Our team at Approachable Leadership created a Leader Survival Toolkit including our most effective tools for emerging leaders. 100% free.

According to Gallup over half of all managers never wanted to be a leader. No wonder employee engagement scores are at all-time lows while turnover numbers are skyrocketing.

Are your leaders struggling? Do you struggle leading your team? Read on. These tools will help.

These 10 ready-to-use tools and templates will help your leaders quickly identify (and shrink) gaps, build trust, solve problems, and improve communication.

Follow these 3 simple steps to get access to the Toolkit:

Step 1: Comment on this article saying ‘Yes’. This helps let others know about the Survival Toolkit.

Step 2: Head over to this page and enter your email to download. You’ll receive the Toolkit automatically as soon as we confirm you’ve commented.

Step 3: Follow me. If you want to receive notice about other tools in the future make sure to follow me here on LinkedIn.

We’ve spent thousands of hours creating, testing and improving these tools and others like them at companies ranging from the Fortune 50 to small manufacturing, retail and health care facilities. Your leaders will get immediate takeaways they can start using the minute they open the tools.

Who are we? Approachable Leadership is a consulting firm dedicated to improving the approachability of leaders across North America. Our research-backed training and support tools teach leaders the key behaviors found to reduce turnover intention by 71%, increase organizational citizenship by 88% and increase engagement by 89%.

What you get: This is the first time we’ve offered these tools to leaders everywhere. Our goal is to reach one-million leaders with our tools and the message of the power of leader approachability. This is why we’ve produced this valuable collection of ready-to-use tools and templates. You will benefit from these tools no matter your level or experience. Everyone from first level leaders to CEOs have told us how much they appreciate the simple, powerful tools in this kit. We guarantee you will find some tools you can begin using right away.

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