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Leadership After Lockdown – Will It Ever Be The Same?

Source | | Adam Bradley

We are all well aware of the vital role effective leaders have to play in driving success for organisations and businesses. Although individuals will have different styles and ways of working, a good leader will always be invaluable in formulating the strategic direction of the business as well as communicating with and motivating employees. 

Over the last few months the coronavirus crisis has completely reshaped the way we work. It has also fundamentally called into question what it means to be a leader and the personal qualities required to excel in the role. It has raised other important questions too, questions that are coming more sharply into focus as the world prepares to return, slowly, to some kind of normality.

Many are now wondering if we can ever go back to working the way we did, and whether we even want to. According to business research we undertook before the crisis hit, managing a more flexible, remote, digitally enabled workforce topped the list of business priorities over the next five years among enterprises in the UK. For many businesses this priority has suddenly had to be addressed in months rather than years.

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