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Leadership Basics For Frontline Managers

As the managerial glue of the workplace, frontline managers need these skills to succeed on behalf of themselves and their organizations

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When it comes to transforming an organization’s strategy into results, frontline managers are the linchpin of business success. Few roles demand technical knowledge, expertise, and soft skills such as clear communication, team building and resolving conflicts.

In her book Becoming a Manager, Harvard Business professor Linda A. Hill describes how managers are the cornerstone to sustaining quality, service, innovation and financial performance. As the primary face of leadership for the workforce, frontline managers serve as a talent pipeline for senior leadership roles and are an untapped resource for innovation.

Organizations today require a new approach to the development of frontline managers by identifying specific priorities, real-world tools and solutions that are integrated into the manager’s daily and weekly routines, and executive and organizational support. When investment in the leadership basics for frontline managers occurs, the organizational rewards can be more confident leaders, healthier and productive teams, more satisfied customers, a more agile organization, and a boost in financial performance for the business.

Here is how frontline managers can have a seat at the table and set up their own and the organization’s success.

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