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Leadership Caffeine™—Who Are You?

By | Art Petty |

You aren’t a leader until people know who you are and why they should follow you.

People comply with the title. They follow the person.

While many individuals deliberately keep their work personas and their personal personas separate, I checked, and each of us is one person. Sure, there are boundaries, and you need to respect theirs and maintain some of yours without question. Yet, the faster you grow comfortable letting them see you as that whole person, the faster they’ll trust you.

Trust sets the stage for remarkable possibilities.

A Robot in Boss Clothing

Earlier in my career, I was a performance-focused machine, and our results as a team were great. My review from a wise mentor was mediocre. “Art is a force for productivity; however, he’s leaving leadership on the table with his robotic-like approach to his team members and their tasks.

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