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LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT – Outsource Learning, not Accountability ! …Rahul Dev

Source | LinkedIn | Rahul Dev | MD – Laureate LLC, Host – CORPMARSHAL (Video Debate Show), Keynote Speaker

I had an interesting episode a few days back with a CEO Meeting of a mid size company.

The company wanted some leadership development for their senior leaders. The HR head organised my meeting with their top boss. 

They wanted us to handle the Leadership Development for some of their Senior Management Team. Over the course of discussion, I put forth to the CEO three questions – 

1. What do you want these Leaders to do differently after the program?

2. What do you expect to change on ground – Ability , Attitude or Aptitude ?

3. How will these leaders return back to your company the time , efforts and the money invested by you on them ? 

He asked his HR head to answer all three queries.

I finished the meeting finally without having any concrete answer to any of my questions. All the answers were largely in vague. 

This meeting left me actually pondering that most of the organisations go in for leadership development of their managers and leaders without thinking of a Solid Metrics based Outcome. 

Leadership Development Trainings almost sounds like a Feel Good Factor.  

A robust Leadership Program for anyone needs three specific questions to be answered by the organisation first :

1. Is the Leadership Development: A Commitment issue or a Competence issue ?

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