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Leadership- Disruptive Leadership – Constructive or Destructive?

Source | LinkedIn : By Cherian Kuruvila

What are the first images that flash through your mind when you think about some very recent Disruptive events ?

The President of the most powerful country shaking up status quo with a series of rapid fire executive orders that is creating ripples and confusion across the globe? And closer home in India the PM with his stealth attack on black money through the demonetization effort which caught a large % of the populace and the banking system too off guard and unprepared.

One thing is sure, in the 2 largest democracies these 2 events were triggered off by strong leaders not afraid of what others think, not wary of shaking people or systems out of their comfort zone and focused on what they felt was the end goal for the good of the country. The rest of the system – political or bureaucratic was expected to fall in line with a take it or leave it approach. Protests, litigation, suffering is seen as part of the deal and not to be taken seriously enough, unless the judiciary stepped in and put its foot down.

So in a way this kind of Disruption is confrontationist in nature where all affected stake holders are not necessarily aligned, often very mis alinged . Its like a knock out punch which leaves many in a daze. And it changes the rules of the game drastically for others for a while till they can claw their way back over time.

Coming closer to corporate India in the recent times and what are the some of the most Disruptive innovations that changed the way India runs?

  • Telecom – with basic and smartphones taking over people’s time and lives and the way they communicate.
  • E commerce – online shopping changing the way we buy and travel.
  • Online cabs –which have brought more affordable and available commuting services and livelihood to a large new segment of drivers and cab owners.
  • Banking– online payments and gateways changing the way we transact.
  • Aadhar – changing the way unique ids are created for the large populace and which then becomes the basis for many other transactions which are more transparent.

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