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Leadership – Engage your Team – Create a Culture of Engagement

[youtube] – Create a Culture of Engagement and learn how to find the Engagement Sweet Spot – Engagement is all about FEELINGS! As Carl Buechner said — people will forget what you say; they’ll forget what you do — but they’ll never forget how you made them feel.

Engagement is the measure of the Team’s Emotional Commitment to their leader and it’s critically important for the bottom line.

In America disengagement costs business over $350B a year and in Australia $45B!

Gallup studies show only 30% of people are Actively Engaged despite all the attention on Engagement.

Do you really know how engaged your people are?
In the engagement surveys I conduct, the average business has about 50% Engaged AND Disengaged in total – This is a leaders first great opportunity! –
The remaining 50% – sitting on the fence waiting for a leader to engage them…I call this, the leaders “Sweet Spot”.

An Actively Engaged team member is around 30% more productive than a fence sitter and retention is dramatically improved — so it’s essential that leaders work this sweet spot.

A leader’s second opportunity is the disengaged people — or “Bad Apples” — target them as well – help them adjust their attitudes, or help them find another job!
Great leaders have Emotional Intelligence – but to really drive results and be exceptional – leaders need what I call EQ2 – Engagement Intelligence.
EQ2 involves really understanding your people, finding their individual motivators and working on these “Hot Buttons” to improve morale, attitude and results.

In my book “The People Pill” and in my engagement presentations we cover many strategies a leader can implement immediately – they cost virtually nothing and are guaranteed to make people feel great about themselves – which is the real secret to getting the best out of people and engaging them.
Some of these strategies include….
– Five Minute Desk Chats……these are a way to show people you care about them …”Mary, what’s on for the weekend”
– Sending out Personalised Handwritten Cards that recognize specific contributions, are timely & from the Heart
– Morning Teas to Celebrate Progress & Success Stories
– Holding a Breakfast of Champions to acknowledge effort
– Pretend people have a banner on their forehead “Make Me Feel Special”
Remember, people usually leave leaders not organizations and it’s the line leader’s responsibility for attitude and engagement!
I recommend you measure your team engagement, and implement strategies like the ones above – focus on that sweet spot to bring everyone along and create a Culture of Engagement.

It really will change your bottom line and retain – and attract – the best people!
If you think of the best boss you ever had — it’ll be someone who helped you believe in yourself, cared about you, and developed and inspired you — in other words — they engaged you.

Become a master of EQ2 and be the best boss YOUR team ever had!

Ken is the founder of The Wright Coach and Engage4Results Pty Ltd, a business consulting and leadership development firm. In the USA over the past 7 years, Ken has gained a reputation as “The Business Growth Expert” by helping businesses engage their people to maximize results.

Ken continues to offer Presentations, Workshops, Business Consulting and Executive Coaching, in Australia, New Zealand and USA. His most recent book “The People Pill” won Gold in the USA Business Book Awards, significantly defeating Seth Godin, Silver and Peter Drucker, Bronze.

Contact Ken for leadership development or to tailor a presentation for your business to engage leaders, team and customers.


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  1. This video is a wonderful example of the importance of team building in organizations around the world. Mr. Wright did a wonderful job illustrating this throughout his video with the use of visual aids and also with real statistical data that especially highlights how teams impact companies internally and externally. Spending the extra time to learn how to grow your business really pays off in the long run for those who really understand that people drive business goals, not business goals driving people.  

    The concept of teamwork has been discussed in previous posts, but it can never be discussed enough. Realizing the potential and opportunities for growth within your team as a manager or leader is essential. Your people will make or break the end result that you are banking on. Employees want to contribute and employee engagement is critical.

    That is why you have to take the time to learn about every employee that works for you or with you. Everyone is important and can add significant value to the project. You must capture the imagination of everyone involved on a team assignment or project, down to the lowest level. In addition, you must as a leader show him or her that they are valued both individually and also collectively as a member of a very important team. Leaders have the opportunity and obligation to go beyond training initiatives to do the right thing without taking shortcuts.

  2. You're making money selling a book which (as far as I can see) tells people to be nice, genuine people. Well done for finding a market niche, but it's disturbing that such a niche exists.

    Is it really that difficult for us all to be kind, caring, and thoughtful?

  3. A great video Ken spot on about engaged employees from my own experience I can say I have come across some inspiring managers that have helped me develop as a person and in my career and also some less inspiring. Your right about disengaged people some people may refer to them as negative or sitting on the fence, but a lot of this is about the job and if it is the right job for them. I have found myself having this conversation with a few people throughout my last 12 months that I could see clearly just needed to focus on what they wanted out of life and sometimes make the move. Fear is a big issue and often people will stay in a job because it's the comfort zone and just need support and guidance to move on. I don't see them as negative to a business if the manager is engaging them and encouraging them to face their fears so all benefit. Inspiring video to listen too. Thank you for sharing

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