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Leadership Essentials from my 2021 Everest Base Camp Trek

By | Priyanka Murthy | Global Talent Organization Development & Inclusion Partner, NTO & Global Quality

Pushing my limits to trek to Everest Base Camp (EBC) was always on my bucket list. So when an opportunity to join a trekking expedition to EBC came by this year, I took the plunge. Amidst the impending pandemic crises, there was definitely a lot of hesitation on whether this is the right time to pursue this goal. But safe travel arrangements, assurance by our trekking organizers #TrekNomads & the promise of clean mountain air in the lap of nature gave me the courage to bring this dream to fruition last month.

As I reflect on the 12 day trek and the month long preparation that made this happen, I am very grateful of the valuable trekking lessons that made this expedition a success. Not only did they make me fitter & mentally strong on the trail, but also naturally unfolded as Leadership Essentials that anyone can espouse and fall back on during a Career or even Life Span.

Sharing below a snippet of these essentials with a glimpse here & there of the wondrous Everest Base camp trekking trail….Hope you enjoy the read!

1.    Know where you are heading : Preparation is key

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Over the course of 2020, as has been the case for most of us, the extended time working from home had benefitted me by bringing a balance to physical fitness & well being. I had evolved from someone who felt lethargy towards workouts to becoming a fitness enthusiast who felt incomplete without a daily dose of movement – be it a jog, yoga or sometimes just a brisk walk in between meetings.

But was that enough to climb at higher altitudes with low oxygen & steep terrains?

To be honest, I wasn`t fully confident and latched on to the fitness routine & tests we had to endure to qualify for the trek. Knowing before hand that a mere step count & fitness endurance at ground level is not a sure shot qualifier for an altogether different terrain & atmosphere, was key to our preparation. So what helped me immensely was staying close to this awareness & gap I had to fill, @ home preparation for a month before the trek and most importantly sound guidance from co-trekkers through the course. To simulate a high altitude experience at home a simple routine I followed was climbing a flight of 50 floors up & down in 20 mins flat.

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