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Leadership Guru Sinek Is Cynical About Business Roundtable’s Purported About-face

Source | | Dale Buss

Forgive Simon Sinek if he’s supportive of the sentiment but skeptical of the sincerity of the Business Roundtable in its recent self-redefinition of the purpose of a corporation, extending it to include the interests of employees, customers and the community as well as the traditional concerns of shareholders.

The business-leadership and work-culture guru, best known for a massively popular TED talk and the bestselling book Start with Why, called the declaration by the group of business leaders, signed by 181 CEOs of major U.S. companies, “pablum,” “insufficient” and redolent of “cheap” talk, questioning the Business Roundtable’s motives and whether the statement really will change anything.

“What will change?” Sinek, who shares his philosophy about management and workplace transformation in books and in appearances around the world, tells Chief Executive. “It’s fine to have a statement of generic values that you write on the wall of a company — but what will change? Will these CEOs abandon layoffs as an annual practice to balance their books?”

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