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Leadership Is Not About Control; It’s About Taking Care of Your People

Source | LinkedIn | Alie Jules | Unfollower of herds • Challenger of status quo • Leadership, Strategy, Growth • Executive Advisor, Consultant, Coach

Leadership is not about control.

Command and control type leadership that reigned in the past – I’m not saying it worked well – is becoming extinct.

Control, intimidation, and threats create a toxic workplace: an environment based on fear.

Fear is a lousy leader – a terrible one.

Fear ignites our fight or flight response. Fear extinguishes trust. Trust is the very fuel needed for employees to create, innovate, produce, and prosper.

Here’s the thing:

Prospects aspire to work with and for leaders who invest in their development and growth. Employees will follow a leader whom they can trust.

Leaders who insist on holding on to the past are creating bottlenecks. If you believe you don’t need to change – you are the bottleneck.

The only way to make the workplace better is to face up to how it really is today.

It’s time to have honest, challenging, authentic, vulnerable, compassionate conversations. Conversations that build trust and understanding. Conversations that open doors for growth and a cohesive path forward.

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