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Leadership Isn’t Only About Vision. Here Are 4 Things Just as Important

Help your team thrive by focusing on what they need

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Leaders talk a lot about vision–and for a good reason. Making sure everyone is on board with an organization’s vision is one of the most important things a leader can do. It paints a picture of a shared future and motivates team members to keep moving forward, even when the future sometimes seems more like a distant dream than a certain reality. At the same time, your team needs more than just a picture of the future if it’s ever going to bring that vision to life. 

By the way, it’s also worth mentioning that most leaders aren’t running entire companies. Sometimes they’re running divisions of a company, but most often, they’re running specific teams. Regardless of the size or scope, here are four things the best leaders give their teams.  


People fail almost 100 percent of the time to live up to expectations they don’t know you have for them. As a leader, your responsibility is to be clear about what you expect. If there’s a question about whether or not everyone is on the same page, assume they aren’t and communicate better. While it’s up to your team to deliver what’s expected, it’s entirely on you as a leader if that expectation isn’t clear. 


Of course, along with expectations comes accountability. It’s a leader’s job to hold the team accountable for meeting expectations. When a team or any individual isn’t able to do that, it’s up to the leader to provide feedback, correction, and teaching. Accountability, by the way, isn’t discipline. Instead, it’s a regular habit of having people give account for both the process and the end result.

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