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Leadership lessons from India Win In Second Cricket Test Match

By | Narendra Ambwani | Helping CEO/CXO Excel

India won a remarkable match against Australia at MCG. It was an absolute turnaround by India playing with almost the same set of players with disadvantage of losing the best batsman Kohli. India had caved in to Australia in the last match by scoring only 36 runs in the last innings. The same team now beat Australia by same 8 wicket margin and dominated the match in every way and every session. 

The key change in my judgement was the new leadership of Ajinkya Rahane (Jinx). Suddenly each player produced his best, catches were being taken and fielding was enthusiastic. I observed a renewed team playing their hearts out and enjoying. Here is what I think were the leadership skills on display:

  1. Jinx knew strengths of each team mate and had done home work on key opposition batsmen. He had an strategy for each batsmen. The strategy was aligned with the bowlers. 
  2. The bowlers were rotated based on his calculation on who will be the right bowler for which batsman and situation.
  3. He had cool confidence and was always in control of the match situations.
  4. As a leader he led from the front by scoring a great century when the team needed it most. He supported his partners to the extent that he was run out trying to help Jadeja get to his 50!
  5. The team clearly respected him and supported him. Everyone looked happy and confident despite such a poor result in the previous test. They had forgotten the past and were focused on the present all the time.
  6. What Jinx achieved is even more praiseworthy as he has been dropped from matches in the past often without any logic. He had to fight those demons in the mind. He had to prove himself once again.

These are such wonderful qualities and attitude for a business leader to draw inspiration from. Let’s look forward to more success by team India.

Republished with permission and originally published at Narendra Ambwani’s LinkedIn

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