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Leadership lessons from supervillains

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  • Leadership is a tough gig but fortunately there is one group of people who have demonstrated the requisite skills time and again: Supervillians!

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This quote may be one of the most iconic quotes from the film Godfather, but it is also one of the most significant sentiments on leadership featured in the movie as well. The message behind this quote is a simple one: you need to hold people accountable.

No, we are not implying that you have to be rude to your employees to showcase your leadership. However, there is one thing that a notorious Mexican drug baron, a psychopath joker with a sadistic sense of humor, a “He who not must be named” wizard can teach us—Leadership!

Here is a list of the most popular super-villains (and we still love them) and the leadership lessons from them:

Joker from Batman

Either you are entering new fields or expanding your current capabilities, there should always be a drive to make it feel cohesive. Your duty as a leader is to be the linchpin for your employees and to show them how two seemingly different ends of the business can work in harmony.

The Joker perfectly demonstrated this characteristic as he always managed to tie various enterprises together in one diligent branded effort. From simple robbery and pyromania to more complex ventures such as poisoning the population of Gotham with laughing gas from parade balloons, it all ties together neatly with him. 

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