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Leadership Mindshift

The Innovative Power of the Unexpected

Source | | Sara Canaday

Success today requires a leadership mindshift. Instead of relying on traditional wisdom, leaders need to think about their roles from a totally different perspective. And when they do? They often find the inspiration to move forward in unexpected ways that produce powerful benefits.

How can you begin to make this leadership mindshift? Here are three ways to start the process.

1.  The Power of Being versus Doing  

Focus less on constant action and more on strategic thinking. Leaders still get caught up in the glory of being busy. The constant frenzy and actual “high” of being totally slammed with work. Which means they neglect to set aside time to think about tomorrow’s challenges and opportunities. The problem? When they don’t intentionally create that mental space, they lose the chance to cultivate their curiosity and feed their longing to know more.  

If you are constantly “doing,” you can’t learn new information, explore your mistakes or setbacks, think about limitations, or get a sense of the big picture. Devoting time to “think” may not seem productive, but it can actually create clarity, free you from performance blocks, and speed up your ability to assimilate information and make critical connections you may not have otherwise made.

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