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Leadership Tips: 5 Steps in Mindfulness Training that will Ultimately Make You an Unstoppable Leader

People who are not self-aware, unable to effectively communicate and don't invest in self-analysis are the ones who can never be good leaders

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What do we mean when we talk about mindfulness? It is the congruence of thinking, emotions and actions. It can be defined as a psychological and spiritual process of evolving and growing awareness of body, mind and spirit.

Here observing and questioning is the focal points of living in the moment leading to accountability, effective communication and emotional sensitivity to oneself, others and the environment. It is the ability to detach from fantasy and unconscious patterns. These are the programmed behaviour where we do not challenge the status quo just because we have been doing it for years. The aim is to create balance and equanimity. 

People who are oblivious about themselves, not investing in self-analysis, not observing their surroundings and not ready to learn & unlearn certain parameters are the ones who can never be good leaders as they lack the mindfulness to gain that maturity. 

A leader needs to be open to feedback and ditch their programmed behaviour where they choose to rather ‘reflex’.i.e react instantaneously to a situation rather than reflect. This is what leads to the lack of accountability and sometimes, over-rationalisation from the leader’s end when it comes to making decisions or structuring a model for those who look up to him for guidance.

So how can leaders train themselves when it comes to mindfulness? Here are the 5 steps that will help.

Learn And Unlearn: We humans grow every second of our lives and yet, there is stagnation when it comes to learning new concepts, ideologies or fundamentals. Many times, in order to learn something new, one has to unlearn or let go of what was taught to him before. 

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