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Leadership traits executive recruiters look for

The average tenure for C-suite roles is approximately 4.9 years, and executive recruiters are often the first port of call for companies and leaders when searching for suitable candidates. When recruiting a new leader, one must ensure that they possess self-motivation, critical thinking, deep analytical thinking and the ability to learn continuously

Source | | Debleena Majumdar, ET Online

A new leader joining a team is a moment of significant importance for the leader and for the organisation. The expectations from the role are high and the cost of a potential mistake is quite steep.

While some organisations do an excellent job of promoting and managing internal talent, in many cases, and for specific growth stages and for specific skills, external hires are needed at leadership levels.

Over time, the tenure for the roles has also shortened. A KornFerry study of 1,000 of the largest US firms by revenue showed the average tenure at 4.9 years for C-suite roles, with some CXO roles having even shorter tenures.

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