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Leadership Unchained

By | Sara Canaday

The traditional wisdom that molded leadership for years is losing its effectiveness in our chaotic, digitally overwhelmed world. In some cases, those principles you’ve always relied on may even be impeding your progress. Truth is, you can’t possibly seize unexpected opportunities or take full advantage of today’s innovations if you’re stuck using old patterns.

In Leadership Unchained, Sara Canaday offers a unique perspective that helps modern leaders break free from the chains of conventional wisdom and blaze new trails toward even greater success.

If you’re a current or future leader, this book can become your game-changing guide to the new era of evolutionary leadership — the kind that’s no longer tethered to standard operating procedures. You’ll learn when to apply classic principles. And when to break them.

Using this approach, you’ll have an advantage in navigating today’s complex business landscape. You’ll be better equipped to take on new challenges. And you’ll dramatically increase your odds of producing extraordinary results.

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