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Leading without fear

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Ever heard this acronym for “fear”? False Evidence Appearing Real.

Fear is a feeling we get about something that hasn’t actually happened. When we’re faced with problems or stressful situations, our minds have a way of going straight to the worst-case scenario, and that fear can prevent us from moving forward. It prevents us from taking risks. From putting ourselves out there. From taking action. From trying. Fear can be paralyzing, and it’s especially harmful to lead from a place of fear. Believe me, I’ve done it. And it isn’t pretty. 

As I built my business, my fears hurt me and my company deeply. Fear of what others would think caused me to hold on to Student Maid’s second location for far too long instead of selling it when I knew I wanted to. Fear of retaliation got in the way of letting people go who didn’t embody our values. Fear of putting myself out there kept me from publishing my book on time.

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