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Learn about bail bonds, their types, and the procedure to obtain them

By | Kelly Wilson

Finding your way out of prison is a difficult task. Although there may be zero complications yet, you must steer through different types of agreements to escape the charges against you. To make your job easier, you must check out the different types of bail bonds given and the procedure to procure them, thus helping you or your dear ones to bail yourself and continue with your regular life.

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Here are a few types of bail bonds that you must be aware of

Cash bond

As the name suggests, it is a bond through which one can obtain bail through cash payment. If you have the means, you can procure any bail through cash payment if you have the means to do so. Often time’s correctional facilitators reject cash bail by any other means. Some departments may agree for check or credit card payment. You must be aware of the same before you go for it.

Even though one can obtain all bails if they have access to cash, they cannot get some bails without money. Bail against heinous crimes is granted only on cash payment because; there is a risk of the person in custody to abscond after getting the bail. Therefore, cash payment is the only choice, and the amount for the same is insanely high and impossible to obtain.

Citation release

Citation is the best kind of bail bond among all, as it does not require keeping the suspected in custody. Only a warrant is given by the officer, who would ask the suspect to appear at the court on a given date.

The officer issues the citation order instead of taking the person under custody. The warrants are for minor crimes, such as road traffic offenses. There is no requirement to enter a bond for this purpose; you are allowed to go home at the time of the offense, with the promise to show up at the court on a given date. In case the officer in charge decides to put you in the lock-up, you will have to apply for another bail bond.

Surety bond

You may enter Surety bonds by signing an agreement with the bondsman. He will take a guarantee on your behalf and get you out of custody. The bondsman charges a nominal fee and offers you a surety bond with the agreement to appear at the court at a due date. This type of bond is applicable when the suspect does not have enough cash to get bail.

A surety bond is rudimentary and does not require much effort. The party that wants you out of custody has to pay the necessary amount to the bondsman, who, in turn, gets your bail and is ready to adjust if you lack the needed cash.

Recognizance release

Another type of bail that is as effortless as citation is bail based on your recognition. This type of bail does not require any cash payment. You will have to sign an agreement that confirms your appearance at the court. You are out of custody soon after the paperwork is complete.

However, the court will charge a fine if you do not show up before the judge on the promised date. Bail based on recognition does not demand any fight against the court. Thus, it is beneficial for the suspect.

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